Congratulations to Dr. Ortiz!

Albert Ortiz succesfully defended his Ph.D. work on March 15, 2016.  His work focuses in developing models that will help model human-structure interaction effects in structural systems.

Congratulations Dr. Ortiz!

Albert Ortiz and Ramin Madarshahian present papers at IMAC

Albert Ortiz and Ramin Madarshahian gave four presentations at IMAC XXXIV including work in Bayesian model selection and Human Induced vibrations.

SDII participates in E-week

The Structural Dynamics and Intelligent Infrastructure lab participated in the College of Engineering and Computer's E-week open house.  Ramin, Benjamin, Phillip and Albert created a game that required participants to retrieve an object from a classroom without being detected.  Floor vibrations were monitored as participants walked through the room.  Participants were "detected" if the floor acceleration went above a specific threshold.   This game was intended to show participants how floor vibrations can be used to monitor human activity, including fall detection.

Welcome Yohanna

Yohanna Mejia has joined the research group as a Ph.D. student.  Yohanna will be work on model updating and helping develop cyber-infrastructure for the EPSCoR project in cooperation with Clemson University.


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