State space representation of a SDOF

Students often ask me about the state space representation of a SDOF.  This very short pencast explains how to write it.  Any comments are welcome.


The magic of aliasing

I frequently have a student that struggles with the concept of aliasing when collecting data. This video is an outstanding example of what can happen if you collect data at the wrong frequency. The video shows a video collected at 24 Hz (24 frames per second) of a phenomenon that is occurring at 23, 24 and 25 Hz.

Have you used "W" and "B" in PowerPoint?

How many times have you been in a presentation and someone asks a question. Then, you have to turn the projector off so you can use the board (which is right behind the projector's screen). You answer the question and now you need to wait another 30 seconds for the projector to start and to continue with your presentation. Did you know that while in your PowerPoint presentation you can press the letter "B" in your keyboard and the screen will go black? That way you do not have to turn the projector off.

Sensors are everywhere

Sensors are now part of our every day life and our interaction with the sensors is only expected to increase. This video shows a really nice example of a simple yet powerful use of sensors.


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