Measurements EFFECT

Civil Engineering Measurements

Drs. Pierce, Flora and Caicedo are currently working on a revised version of the surveying EFFECT for the Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering class at the University of South Carolina.  Do you want to see their comments and reflections as they develop and test the EFFECT? - join the conversation!

Environmental Engineering EFFECT tested in ECIV 101

Drs. Flora and Yoon at the University of South Carolina have pilot tested an Environmental Engineering Effect for the use of nano particles at the Introduction to Civli Engineering course.  This EFFECT introduce students to important concepts in nano-technology such as the relationship between size and surface area.  Active learning activities were inspired from activities developed under an NUE project lead by Dr. Saleh.

Dr. Berge and Pierce presents poster at the ASEE Annual Meeting

Nichole Berge and Charlie Pierce presented a poster at the 2013 ASEE annual meeting for the paper "Using Engineering Problems to Stimulate Critical Thinking in the Middle School Science Classroom". This paper discusses some of their work with Beaufort Middle School. The full paper can be viewed online at the ASEE website.