Simulation of Integrated Urban Infrastructure Systems using Component-based Modeling

Funding agency: 
National Science Foundation
03/14/2011 - 00:00 to 06/30/2016 - 00:00

This grant provides funding for research on the standardization of system integration protocols for the purpose of simulating and managing civil infrastructure systems. This research studies the applicability of model integration standards that are based on the concept of component software architectures for modeling the integration of civil infrastructure systems. The project tasks focus on the design of a component-based modeling environment that is appropriate for modeling the integration of coupled urban infrastructure systems, and the application of the developed framework to evaluate a real-time flooding event using a case study system in Columbia, SC. The scientific questions addressed by this research include: (1) Are the component-based system integration concepts developed for integrating water resource models applicable for the representation of the integration of civil infrastructure systems? (2) What are the appropriate component interface and data exchange standards for integrating various modeling components representing civil infrastructure system? (3) Do simulations of integrated civil infrastructure lead to effective decisions for the management and operation of urban infrastructure systems? If successful, the results of this research will lead to improvements in our ability to manage large, complex urban infrastructure systems as an integrated system that improves their reliability, resiliency, and sustainability. This research work could have implications for both day to day operations of civil infrastructure systems, as well as their management during extreme events. In addition to the aforementioned research objectives, this grant will also provide funding to advance civil engineering education by incorporating ideas and concepts from systems analysis into the civil the engineering curriculum using an Environment For Fostering Effective Critical Thinking (EFFECTs) pedagogical structures.