Welcome Yohanna

Yohanna Mejia has joined the research group as a Ph.D. student.  Yohanna will be work on model updating and helping develop cyber-infrastructure for the EPSCoR project in cooperation with Clemson University.

Dr. Caicedo invited for talk at the Pontificia Universidad Bolivariana in Bucaramanga

Dr. Caicedo was invited to give a talk at the Pontificia Universidad Bolivariana in Bucaramanga (Colombia) as part of the 20 years of the department.  During his visit Dr. Caicedo had a chance to visit Dr. Ospina and tour the laboratory facilities.  Dr. Caicedo's talk focused in the use of probability in model updating.

Ramin Madarshahian and Albert Ortiz present papers at IMAC

Ramin Madarshahian and Albert Ortiz presented two papers at the XXXII IMAC conference in Orlando Florida.  Ramin's paper discussed a study showing the important factors when trying to identify falls using structural vibrations.  Albert's paper focused on the use of PID controller to mimic human-structure interaction.

Ramin Madarshahian wins SPARC award

Ramin Madarshahian was selected as one of the 2014 SPARC fellows for his work in human fall recognition using logictic regresion.  The intellectual merit of his proposal is in the development of fundamental knowledge to identify and classify human falls using structural vibrations.  The project has the potential to have significant broader impacts including enabling independent living for elderly and people with dementia such as Alzheimer’s patients.


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