Nehemiah wins second placein LS AMP contest

Nehemiah Stewart wins second place in the oral presentations in physics, science and mathematics contest for the LS AMP contest. The title of his presentation was "Using Wireless Accelerometers to Record Human Induced Structural Vibrations" and described his work with the human fall detection research project.


SDII group

SDII got together today to take the traditional "semester" picture. From left to right: Muslum Kilinc, Juan M. Caicedo, Jason Gantt, Benjamin Davis, Marcella Castaldi, Robert Boykin, Nehemiah Steward, Ramin Madarshahian, Diego Arocha and Gustavo Ospina.

Muslum Kilinc defends proposal

Muslum Kilinc defended his Ph.D. proposal on September 25, 2012. The objective of his research is to add two new operators to be implemented mainly with genetic algorithms for model updating. These new operators will enable the use of the College of Engineering and Computing Condor Pool and enable the identification of multiple solutions. His research is part of the Model Updating Cognitive Systems project. Drs.

Welcome Diego and Marcella

SDII welcomes Diego Arocha and Marcella Castaldi. Both will be working in research related to human-structure interaction.


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