model updating

Radionuclide Waste Disposal: Development of Multi-scale Experimental and Modeling Capabilities

This project is collaboration between scientists and engineers at Clemson University, University of South Carolina, and South Carolina State University.

Funding agency: 
Department of Energy

Gustavo Ospina defends Ph.D. dissertation

Gustavo Ospina defended his dissertation "Model Updating Cognitive Systems: Behavioral Selection" where he proposes a new way to harvest the experience of analysts to  perform model updating.  Congratulations Dr. Ospina!

Ramin Madarshahian presents paper at IMAC

Ramin Madarshahian presented the paper "Using P-box and PiFE to express uncertainty in model updating" co-authored by Dr. Caicedo and Dr. Zarate. This paper proposes the use of probaiblity bounds with the Pseudo-inverse Finite Element (PiFE) method for structural model updating.

CAREER: Model Updating Cognitive Systems (MUCogS)

Model Updating Cognitive Systems (MUCogS) provide a new paradigm on model updating of structural systems.

Funding agency: 
National Science Foundation


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