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Ramin Madarshahian
Graduate Research Assistant (Ph.D.)
(803) 777-8965

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of South Carolina 300 Main St. Office B122 Columbia, SC 29208


2004-2006 Master of Science, Sharif University of Technology, Structural Engineering,


Professional activities: 

2010-2011 Teaching Static, University of Science & Culture, Tehran

2009-2011 Teaching Design of Concrete Structures 2, Sadra University, Tehran

2008-2011 Exam Designer of Nationwide Exams for Payam Noor University

2009-2011 Teaching Design of Concrete Structures 1, University of Science & Culture, Tehran

2008-2011 Teaching Advanced Strength of Materials, Mahan Institute, Tehran ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2009-2011 Irsa Sazeh Sharif, Managing director and Consultant

2007-2008 Sazeh Consultants, Engineering and Construction Structural Designer  Shahzand Arak refinery, Designer of Industrial buildings  Bidboland II refinery , Designer of blast resistant buildings and industrial buildings

Individual projects:

2009 Designing of especial underground ramp as a separate structure for Museum of Central Bank

2008 Designing 8 story building in Saadatabad of Tehran with two lateral seismic systems

2010 Rehabilitation of Nanotechnology Department Building of Sharif University of Technology